The PanEur1970s team at the ASEEES convention 2018

Three PanEur1970s team members participate to the 50th Annual ASEEES Convention on 6-9 December 2018 in Boston, US.

In the framework of the panel “Decision-making Practises in Late Socialism”, Elitza Stanoeva gives a presentation entitled “Capitalist Entrepreneurship vs. Socialist Bureaucracy: Bulgarian Foreign Trade Operatives in the West”. In the framework of the panel “Revisiting the Cold War: Formal and Informal Exchanges across the Iron Curtain in the long 1970s”, Adelina Stefan gives  a presentation entitled “From New York to Bucharest and Back: Pan Am and Socialist Romania in the 1970s”, while Pavel Szobi’s presentation is titled “Kingdom for the coal!”: Czech Brown Coal in Bavaria in the Long 1970s”.

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