The PanEur1970s team at the conference “The International Debt Crisis Revisited, 1979-1991”

PanEur1970s team members participate to the Conference “The International Debt Crisis Revisited, 1979-1991”, taking place in Venice and Florence from 16 to 19 March 2020 with the following presentations:

  • Maximilian Graf, “The East German ‘Debt Crisis’, the Soviet Union and the West”
  • Pal Germuska, “Hungary and the debt crisis of the 1980s”
  • Aleksandra Komornicka, “The Years of Turmoil: Debt Crisis, Domestic Power Struggles and the Solidarity Revolution, 1979-1981”
  • Benedetto Zaccaria, together with Duccio Basosi (Ca’ Foscari University), “The US and the Polish Debt Crisis Revisited, 1979-1986”.

Project Director Federico Romero delivers the keynote speech on March 16th.